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Hawaii Vacation Ownership Attorneys

M4 attorney Charlie Pear was instrumental in drafting Hawaii's time share law. Charlie and others at M4 have an in-depth knowledge of the law and of the various product lines, including deeded and non-deeded projects, multi-site plans, points systems, exchange programs and related product lines.

Vacation ownership, fractional ownership, vacation clubs, time sharing - by whatever name it is called -has become a growing, profitable area in Hawaii real estate development and a staple of the Hawaii visitor industry. Our real estate lawyers have more experience in this area than any other law firm in Hawaii.

Vacation and fractional ownership plans take full advantage of that mainland dream of having a home in the islands. Many developers have found that vacation ownership is a better business choice than a hotel. The business is vacation oriented, but with a more stable base of guests.

To make the most of a vacation ownership project, the legal underpinnings need to be carefully thought out. The project documents need to preserve flexibility for future development while meeting stringent statutory consumer protection safeguards. Our attorneys also have significant experience helping developers resolve Hawaii time share disputes.

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